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Why buying an occupied apartment ?

This kind of products is increasingly sought by investors who want to get out of the stock exchange or life insurance, and who believe that property is a safe haven. 
It is also a good way to invest in tangible assets and an opportunity to build an estate.

The price is the initial benefit by purchasing an apartment occupied by a tenant relative to an empty one. In fact, the resultant price will always be lower than the sale price thanks to a discount based on the remaining term of the lease.
According to the 1989 Law, the term of the lease is 6 years for a legal entity and 3 years for a physical entity.

If the lease has been drafted under the 1948 Act, the discount will be more significant.
The 1948 Act states that the tenant is protected by an unlimited ability to maintain the lease plus a low rent.
This regulation also applies with a tenant over 70 years old, disabled or perceiving low incomes.

The discount will be take account of rent paid by the tenant in place.

Bank financing is also facilitated by an immediate risk-free as long as all rental guarantees have been taken.
The advantage is that the buyer has a complete history of the tenant.

Rented apartments are also sought by clients who want to acquire a primary residence at a lower cost and without the requirement to live there immediately.

Moreover, this type of purchase might interest the French expatriates who prefer to invest in a leased and managed apartment in order to collect rent until to recover their property.


How to buy an occupied apartment ? is the first website exclusively dedicated to the purchase and sale of occupied properties.

This allows to broadcast the selected offers according to the following criteria :

  • Quality of the properties, their location and their price.
  • You will also be able to make a custom research if you have difficulties to find the right product for your needs.
  • In addition, you may request us for a free estimation and advice before selling a property occupied by a tenant.
  • If you are registered, you will receive the latest offers as soon as they are published online. 
  • A monthly newsletter will inform you of the real estate market trends, interviews with professionals and homeowners already customer will complement it.
  • You can already find us in the main cities as Paris and its area, Lille and Lyon.


Examples of occupied apartment already sold :

A rented apartment, Inkermann St., in the center of Lille, area 105 sqm, 6th floor with 26 sqm terrace, elevator, double underground parking and cellar.

Remaining a four-year lease, for a rent of 900 euros per month and a sales price of 243,000 euros.

In this example, the rent is fare, the building is recent and very well located but the end of a lease is in four years. The purchaser will live there in the term of it.


Busy selling price

Price of  prescription


243 000 euros

300 000 euros

19 %


A rented apartment, Rivay St., in Levallois-Perret, area 40 sqm, 4th floor with elevator and an underground parking.

End of the lease scheduled in 2015, for a rent of 300 euros per month and a selling price of 202,000 euros.

It is a well-located building built in the 70's with a low profitability due to a small rent and a three- year lease to come.


Busy selling price

Price of  prescription


202 000 euros

320 000 euros

36 %

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