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Christophe Gilbert has successively held several positions as sales manager in different sectors. In 2009, he created CQFDI, a company specialised in selling occupied apartments.

"Thanks to my previous activity, I perceived the true potential of this market and I noticed it was underestimated even by major real estate groups." He says.

Therefore, from 2001 to 2009, he was in charge of selling buildings by parcel for one of these major companies.

He performed 70% of his business by selling occupied apartments in Paris and its area, Lyon and Lille.

"With 11 years of experience in this kind of business, we master the characteristics of these transactions."

Whether for the renter or the buyer, their requirements and fears are deeply considered.

Indeed, we have to pay attention to the tenant in place by minimizing the visits according to a rigorous selection made upstream and a schedule based on his availability.

We also need to reassure the buyer by providing documents certifying the solvency of the tenant, the terms of the lease, the management company...

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